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I'M FAMOUS! is the story of The Lone Wolf, Detroit's most accomplished and respected super hero. Join him in his many self important endeavors as he strives to achieve more fame, wealth and glory. The world is his oyster, and we're all just his pearls...of wisdom? What?

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WTF? - March 20th, 2010, 12:28 pm

By now you may be asking yourself who the hell is this insane Lone Wolf guy. Well, you check out his profile at to learn more about him. You can also follow his exploits in the Black Snow comic book.

If you've read this week's or last week's comic you're probably also wondering about the dude in the Nazi uniform. Fret no more kindly reader, he too has a profile at, and you'll find him as one of the main characters in Black Snow, which you can read here

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